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MGNREGA: The Rescue Act in Need of Assistance

Topics: Economy, Employment, MGNREGA

Rural India's safety net has helped in times of Covid-19 but it may still be falling way short...

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By Ankur Bhardwaj & Ashwini Deshpande

10 September 2021

By Maitreesh Ghatak

29 June 2021 | Economy, Inequality

Rising inequality is a worldwide problem. How does India look in this regard? Read more

By Ankur Bhardwaj

14 June 2021 | Economy, Gender, HDI, HDRO, Human Development, MoSPI, States, UNDP

While GDP measures economic growth of a country, HDI provides a measure to assess human development. Read more

By Ankur Bhardwaj & Vibhav Khandelwal

7 June 2021 | Coronavirus, Covid-19, Economy, GDP, GST

Second wave of the Covid pandemic has put a stop to the slow gains in economic activity made between October 2020 and March 2021 Read more

By Ankur Bhardwaj & Kanika Mahajan

31 May 2021 | Covid-19, Economy, Employment, EPFO

The biggest setback of the Covid pandemic was to first-time labor market entrants, shows EPFO payroll data. Read more

By Mihir Bhattacharya & Panchali Banerjee

28 May 2021 | Covid-19, Economy, Health, Healthcare

How vulnerable were Indian states on healthcare and economy before Covid pandemic struck and how vulnerable are they now? Read more