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MGNREGA: The Rescue Act in Need of Assistance

Topics: Economy, Employment, MGNREGA

Rural India's safety net has helped in times of Covid-19 but it may still be falling way short...

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By Ankur Bhardwaj & Ashwini Deshpande

10 September 2021

By Ankur Bhardwaj

19 April 2021 | Covid-19, Economy, Inflation

The sharp jump in WPI inflation in March 2021 is partly driven by the low base effect but it does raise concerns about how the situation may evolve in the coming months. Read more

By Ishaan Bansal & Kanika Mahajan

14 April 2021 | Covid-19, Economy, Employment, Gender, Labour, Women

Were changes in female labour force participation after the pandemic homogeneous in nature? Read more

By Ankur Bhardwaj

12 April 2021 | Air Pollution, Energy, Environment, Pollution

With LPG subsidy gone and cylinder prices rising, the battle against indoor air pollution and for a cleaner future may be hampered. Read more

By Ashwini Deshpande

11 April 2021 | Economy, Education, Gender Equality, Gender Gap, Gender Gap Rankings, Women, World Economic Forum

Out of the 156 countries included in the 2021 edition of the Global Gender Gap Report produced by the World Economic Forum, India is at the 17th position - from the bottom, i.e. at 140. What is the significance of this ranking and how is it computed? Read more

By Ankur Bhardwaj

5 April 2021 | China, Coronavirus, Covid-19, Economy, GDP, India, Middle Class, Per Capita Income, Poverty

This analysis by Pew Research Centre shows the damage done to the Indian economy and livelihoods by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. At the start of another fiscal year, India is seeing a sharp rise in Covid-19 infections which is being called the second wave. This analysis points to the dangers of the pandemic continuing to wreak havoc on the Indian economy for an extended period. Read more