CEDA Data Portal

CEDA Socio-Economic Data

The CEDA Socio-Economic Data tool aims to be a comprehensive repository of various forms of socio-economic data gleaned from official databases, census surveys and other sources of administrative data pertaining to the Indian economy. We provide the tools for the user to analyse and correlate different sets of variables across geographies (at the national, state and district level), time and even across different datasets. Explore our unique tool to support your work with credible and data-driven visualisations.

CEDA Agri Market Data

The CEDA Agri-Market data portal contains data on prices and quantities of over 300 agricultural commodities from over 2700 mandis across the country from the year 2000 to the present, updated monthly, available at the all-India, State and District level. The data, originally collated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, is available in the form of time series - displaying trends over time – or as heat maps, displaying the spatial distribution of prices and quantity data across States and Districts of India.

CEDA Daily Food Prices Data

The CEDA Daily Food Prices data tool shows retail and wholesale prices of 22 essential commodities from more than 100 centres across India since 2009 to the present, updated daily, available at the City and Zonal level. The data, originally collated by the Price Monitoring Cell under the Department of Consumer Affairs (DoCA), is available in the form of time series - displaying trends over time. CEDA has also constructed two daily-level food price indices for the retail and wholesale markets of urban India, based on the DoCA data. The portal allows users to visualize these indices in a daily or monthly mode for all 22 commodities or the various commodity sub-groups present.

CEDA EcoMeter

CEDA EcoMeter showcases high-frequency macroeconomic and alternative indicators across different sectors and industries in an easy-to-understand format.