Republishing Guidelines

The Centre for Economic Data and Analysis seeks to help foster an informed debate on socio-economic changes and policy making in India. CEDA’s resources like data portal and data visualization toolkit are for the benefit of students, researchers, policy makers, journalists, teachers and others. We also believe in free flow of information and publish under a Creative Commons. For Creative Commons details, click here. You can republish CEDA’s articles online and in print for free, provided you follow the following guidelines:

Republishing guidelines, for print and online

  • CEDA’s material cannot be edited, except for relative changes in editorial style, time and location. Any substantial changes must be run by CEDA for approval prior to publication. CEDA can be contacted by writing to
  • The author and CEDA must be credited in the byline
  • You must link back to the original page on the CEDA website with the following text at the bottom of the article: This article was originally published by CEDA
  • Any CEDA material cannot be sold separately. CEDA material is not for commercial use
  • Any data visualization in a CEDA article can be reproduced but must credit Centre for Economic Data and Analysis
  • Any other images used in a CEDA article should be replaced
  • You cannot systematically republish all CEDA material
  • For extracts or quotes, please quote the authors and link back to the original article
  • Any republished CEDA analysis cannot be put behind a digital paywall
  • Send an email to inform CEDA if you republish our material or use an extract or chart
  • CEDA reserves the right to make changes to these guidelines