By Akshi Chawla

25 August 2022 | Gender Equality, Gender Gap

There is only one woman among every ten police personnel in the country, and no state has achieved 33% representation yet.

By Team CEDA

25 March 2022 | Gender, NFHS, States

What percentage of women participate in household decisions, as per NFHS-5? Read to find out

By Rahul Menon

25 February 2022 | Domestic Work, Gender Equality

Only 27 percent of men in India participate in household chores, though there is significant variation across states.

By Team CEDA

18 February 2022 | Economics Of Gender, Gender Gap, Wages

Though there still exists a significant wage gap between men and women, wages for women in regular wage work have increased at a faster rate than men in some states, reducing the gap.

By Team CEDA

28 January 2022 | Gender, Human Development

While women live longer than men in nearly all Indian states today, their life expectancies were lesser as compared to men in the 1970s.

By Ankur Bhardwaj

13 January 2022

Not only does India have fewer women working now compared to 6 years ago, it has fewer women actively looking for a job too.