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By Ankur Bhardwaj

22 October 2021 | Education, Gender, Literacy

What is the gap between male and female literacy across Indian states and union territories? What does NFHS-5 show us?

By Vibhav Khandelwal

14 October 2021 | Economy, Gender, States

If Indian states were countries, how would their female labour force participation compare with other countries?

By Ankur Bhardwaj

7 October 2021 | Gender, Healthcare

Which state has the best maternal mortality ratio in the country? How does India compare with the rest of the world?

By Vibhav Khandelwal

1 October 2021 | Economy, Health, Healthcare

What is the average life expectancy in your state and which country is it closest to?

By Vibhav Khandelwal

17 September 2021 | Economy, GDP

If your state was a country, how rich would it be? Read to find out

By Team CEDA

2 September 2021 | Education, Health

Has India shut down its schools more than other countries since Covid-19 struck? What percentage of days were Indian schools shut?