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By Kulvinder Singh

19 February 2024 | Agriculture, Economy, Trade

While cereals, particularly rice, comprise the bulk of the Indian exports of agricultural goods, edible oils comprise the dominant share of agricultural imports

By Dhruvika Dhamija

10 May 2023 | Cooking Fuel, Development, Health, Infrastructure

Six in ten Indian households were using LPG as their primary source of fuel for cooking in 2020-21, but there was a large gap between urban and rural areas.

By Dhruvika Dhamija

24 April 2023 | Deveopment, Drinking Water, Infrastructure

Hand pumps and tube wells remained the most common source of drinking water in India in 2020-21 with 39.7 percent of Indian households relying on them

By Akshi Chawla

17 October 2022 | Gender, Sex Ratio, SRS

While India has seen some encouraging gains on its skewed sex ratio at birth, a more complex story seems to be unfolding at the level of the states

By Akshi Chawla

25 August 2022 | Gender Equality, Gender Gap

There is only one woman among every ten police personnel in the country, and no state has achieved 33% representation yet.

By Akshi Chawla

29 July 2022 | Healthcare, Maternal And Child Health

An average Indian spends INR 10,035 to deliver a baby at a health facility, but there is great variation in expenses incurred across states, data from the 2019-21 round of the NFHS shows.