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By Ashwini Deshpande & Rajesh Ramachandran

29 July 2021 | Caste, Health

What percentage of Dalit kids in your district are stunted? What does NFHS-4 data reveal?

By Team CEDA

22 July 2021 | Economy, Politics, Population

Does India have a population growth problem? What does data tell us? Here is what NFHS-5 indicates.

By Team CEDA

15 July 2021 | Coronavirus, Covid-19, Healthcare

Which Indian states had the highest Covid fatality rate and which had the highest caseload per lakh of population?

By Team CEDA

9 July 2021 | Air Pollution, Coronavirus, Covid-19, Healthcare

Did cities with high levels of air pollution see higher Covid fatality rates? What does data tell us?

By Team CEDA

1 July 2021 | Healthcare, Malaria

China has eradicated malaria after a 70-year-long battle. How soon can India do the same?

By Team CEDA

17 June 2021 | Economy, HDI, Human Development, India

With a score of 0.429, India was ranked 114th out of 144 countries in 1990, and its HDI score improved to 0.645 with a rank of 135 out of 189 countries in 2019