In the Media

How many women does India’s manufacturing sector employ?
By Dhruvika Dhamija | 8 March 2023

IDR republishes a CEDA data narrative on the employment of Indian women in the manufacturing sector.

That’s the Spirit
By V Shoba | 3 March 2023

V Shoba from Open cites a CEDA data narrative in this piece on women's workforce participation.

Why Focus Must Shift From What Restricts Women’s Employment To What Works For Them
By Kanika Mahajan | 20 February 2023

Kanika Mahajan talks about the her research in this piece published by Behanbox.

Hindustan Times Mind the Gap
By Namita Bhandare | 12 February 2023

The Hindustan Times quotes data from a CEDA publication in its newsletter, Mind The Gap

Is WFH solution to India’s low female labour participation? Not really, says economist
By Nikhil Rampal | 11 February 2023

The Print publishes an interview with Ashwini Deshpande and Dhruvika Dhamija where they talk about India's labour force sector.